5000 Subscribers reached – release date on its way! + Redux makes the news!

Thank you all for supporting this Project, and helping my YouTube channel reach the requested 5000 subscribers! As promised, I will be unveiling the release date as soon as possible. I’m putting together a release trailer, that should be expected tomorrow or the next day. Stay tuned!

Shortly after posting the recent gameplay video, articles featuring the Redux project began surfacing. Take a look at all that’s being said about this upcoming overhaul!

  • Eric Ible

    Gta 5 has been around a while now. What your creating is basically a new game. One that I’ve gotta say looks fantastic. It’s incredible that modders such as yourself have the talant to do a better job then the multimillion dollar developers on modest equipment no less. Congrats great job and I’m looking very much forward to running your mod on this. And I mean it when I say your basically creating a new game. I have gta5 on ps4. Your the reason I just bought it again for pc. Take the time you need.. can’t wait.