First gameplay reveal! 90% of the features list, photo’s, and more!

It’s been awhile since I have let out some new information, so here it is! New video, packed with gameplay, an almost complete features list (approx. 90%), more ULTRA photo’s and some more FAQ’s!
Happy Independence day! Enjoy!

A release date will be revealed when my YouTube channel reaches 5000 subscriptions! We’re getting close, sub now!

  • Alejandro

    Hi, Joshua.

    I have a question for you. Within all the changes we can expect, are also included the vehicles?


    • Unfortunately, real life car models will not be included in the base version of Redux. However, I may plan some add-on packs following the release.

      • Alejandro

        Anyway, it’s still great news.

        Thanks for the answer and for the great work you’re doing.

      • 34816049

        Please also do real weapon addon packs