REDDIT AMA 09-12-16 | @12noon EST!!

The Grand Theft Auto Redux Project is taking to Reddit on September 12th, 2016 @ 12 noon EST!reddit

With the release date just around the corner, I wanted to make sure all the fans of the project had a chance to ask me any questions they could p
ossibly think of before release. Anything from personal questions, to mod questions and beyond! I will answer everything at my own discretion.

Please make sure to share this news post to help get the word out! The more questions I am receiving, the longer I will be available.


I hope to see you there!

-Josh Romito

  • AProGamer

    Hi josh Romito.What’s up bro 🙂

    i’m very excited for your Project … Please published it faster, I can’t Wait bro:(

    I Love Your Project , I believed You And Alos, Im Waiting for Mode “GTA V Redux”

    Thanks Bro Josh … مرسی داداش جاش

    • zack

      gta v ubdate 1.36 ..error ScriptHookV_1.0.97.1
      new ScriptHookV_1.0.877.1 download ..error redux
      screen short is crash

  • wccd145

    so excited~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Ronny

    tambem acredito em vc amigo vai em frente e faça o seu de melhor, vc é o cara!! concerteza isso sao eles tentando impedir o ser trabalho, mas vc pode muito mais!!! e vc é capaz, nós aqui do Brazil acreditamos em vc!!


    Hi from germany. Your Redux Project is so nice. Why Rockstar don’t use it from u? Why, why, why?

    • I do not know why! You should ask them 🙂 Thank you for the comments

  • adamkicksass

    Be more specific please give us a link to your reddit that isnt telling us much except to look out for you but this way would be easier

  • Aktarus

    Hi and thanks for your great job. Just two questions :

    When the final version will be available ? We have no realise date since you’ve been hacked…

    I just bought a 1070oc, will it be enough to run the redux version ?

    Thanks !

  • KolleofDuty

    It seems that the Vehicle suspension is not working and the weaponhandling, too. In the Launchtrailer, you drive the Blazer 3 the suspension is very soft. In the mod it is hard as in the original game.

  • pito grande jigante chupame la pija

  • bizshift

    hi how to INSTALLATION version 3DM or RELOADED
    Help Me Please
    Why only for the original game
    ilove you mods

  • Hi my friend and congratulation for your hard work.Appreciate all u have done!!one question pls.can I use custom car packs with the mod?

    Best regards


  • not bad

  • Mariusz

    HI!!!I have 2 questions:
    What if I put all mod files without installer to main game files without mods folder?
    What if I delete all xbox and ps files from gta v files?Will it work?
    I would be grateful if you answere for my questions,it will help me a lot.

  • spoted a persian lol. i can tell because i am one

  • A non marvel guy

    I spotted two persian(iranian)
    One that pro bro saying gamer
    And one spotter guy(you)lolllllll
    Next one will say i spotted three guys

  • abhijit patra

    I have 3dm game please tell me how 5o fix crashes afer loading screen

  • raghav

    I have. i5 8 ram Nd 2gb 820m graphic card I play original redux original reshape but game has loading screen stopped

  • Ayuda, redux dejó de funcionar después de la actualización bikers se cierra al iniciar la campaña lo tengo por steam

  • aeris333

    me too!!! Only possible in 1.33 ver.?

  • help me , not running gta v after install mod REDUX . why ?

  • T_man

    Can i get it to my ps3???

  • MaxGaming950

    Can you help me please i have 1.36 but i crash when it says like

    ‘2015 @ Rockstar games gta blah blah”

    and i got the latest patchday 1

  • Ali

    Could you please upload installation video
    With voice instructions!!

    It seems that some thing wrong is going
    The game keep crashing after lunch !!

    I’ve done everything right and still crashing !!

    I am using windows 10 pro
    i7 6700K 4.4overclocked
    2 X GTX 1080 strix overclocked
    32GB ram
    Msi A170k game pro carbon motherboard

  • Hi,After update i have game memory error how to fix it? Please help me 🙁

  • Hassan Moh’d

    Hi i like really much the mod
    but i can’t use redux and scripthook in the same time.
    Plzz help ….

  • Farrel Yutha Ardhan

    Yo Josh Romito I have a problem install the redux oiv installer to game folder but when i see the game folder its still 65gb and the mods folder is 70gb

  • Hiper Beast

    how to fix this errors? help me please

    Start: 18.04.2017 14:15:21
    ThreadID: 7216
    OS: Windows 7 Home Basic (6.1.7601, 64-bit)
    Path: C:UsersHomeAppDataLocalNew Technology StudioAppsOpenIVOpenIV.exe

    [18.04.2017 14:15:21] [7216] INFO -> Current GameId: “Five”
    [18.04.2017 14:15:21] [7216] INFO -> Current GamePlatform: “pc”
    [18.04.2017 14:15:21] [7216] INFO -> Current GamePath: “C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonGrand Theft Auto V”
    [18.04.2017 14:15:21] [7232] INFO -> Loading package
    [18.04.2017 14:15:21] [7232] INFO -> Loading package from “C:UsersHomeDesktopGTA5_REDUXREDUX_PATCHDAY1REDUX_PATCHDAY1.oiv”
    [18.04.2017 14:15:21] [7232] INFO -> Package file was opened successfully
    [18.04.2017 14:15:21] [7232] INFO -> Loading assembly from “assembly.xml”
    [18.04.2017 14:15:21] [7232] INFO -> Reading assembly file “assembly.xml”
    [18.04.2017 14:15:21] [7232] INFO -> Format version: “2.1”
    [18.04.2017 14:15:21] [7232] INFO -> Package info class: “TPackageInfo21”
    [18.04.2017 14:15:21] [7232] INFO -> Reading package info
    [18.04.2017 14:15:21] [7232] INFO -> Package ID: “{4ce2cb95-f5da-4dff-b6a8-d40b032e708c}”
    [18.04.2017 14:15:21] [7232] INFO -> Package target: “Five”
    [18.04.2017 14:15:21] [7232] INFO -> Package name: “GTA 5 | REDUX”
    [18.04.2017 14:15:21] [7232] INFO -> Package version: “1.1”
    [18.04.2017 14:15:21] [7232] INFO -> Package version tag: “STABLE”
    [18.04.2017 14:15:21] [7232] INFO -> Package author: “JRProductions Josh Romito”
    [18.04.2017 14:15:21] [7232] ERROR -> The “footerLink” attribute is not found in node “metadata>description”
    [18.04.2017 14:15:21] [7232] ERROR -> The “footerLink” attribute is not found in node “metadata>largeDescription”
    [18.04.2017 14:15:21] [7232] INFO -> Package contains changes for RPF archives
    [18.04.2017 14:15:21] [7232] INFO -> Package format supports “mods” folder
    [18.04.2017 14:15:21] [7232] INFO -> Load package icon from “icon.png”
    [18.04.2017 14:15:22] [7232] INFO -> Package loaded successfully
    [18.04.2017 14:13:23] [7216] INFO -> Current package have only one content to install
    [18.04.2017 14:13:23] [7216] INFO -> The “mods” folder supported by current game.
    [18.04.2017 14:13:23] [7216] INFO -> Show install options dialog before installation
    [18.04.2017 14:15:26] [6140] INFO -> Install options
    Content Index: “-1”
    Use “mods” Folder: “False”
    [18.04.2017 14:15:26] [6140] INFO -> Package installer class: “TPackageInstaller21”
    [18.04.2017 14:15:27] [6140] INFO -> Validate content files
    [18.04.2017 14:15:27] [6140] ERROR -> Archive path “modsupdateupdate.rpf” is incorrect.
    [18.04.2017 14:15:27] [6140] INFO -> Validate content files FAILED

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