Installation Guide Updated

The installation page is now updated to help fix all GTA 5/OpenIV related update errors.
We are now working on updating the GTA 5 Redux package now to simplify the installation.

  • Kittapard Youngyoo

    Thank you 🙂

  • Edoardo

    Can a i5-6400, gtx 1070 with 16 gb of ram ran it? Is an alienware aurora R5 and I paid 1700 euros for it…

    • James Walker

      Yeah I”d so, just turn down grass. But it also depends on what resolution you’re playing on.

  • alta

    did everything in a clean way but the redux setup failed :'( . How to fix it??

    • Isaac Schwarz

      check if you got the 2.8 version of openIV, if you run the 2.9 version there will be a error preventing you from installing it
      please use discord or steam group forums for help in future

  • Refat Hossain

    is anyone have the OpenIV 2.8 offline installer version download link?

  • Isaac Schwarz

    the link is in the installation guide, click the “here” word
    working on a visual update to indicate the download link

  • Kittapard Youngyoo

    Fix complete say or post Thank you

  • ROM

    Enhanced Native Trainer
    Please do use

  • Worlkar

    So guys how can i install cus i dont see anywhere the steps only thing i get is incorrect ingame path………………

  • Worlkar

    Okay i found it under installation still same problem im going to tear apart this s”it !
    Why always a f””king update needed when everythign is fine even in smartphones and it gets worse after the update.

  • Install Complete Game Update What ???? install location in GTA V mods Game Update ?? 33.68 GB / 66.0 GB ?

  • Yasir Farooq

    thanks Josh Romito to create advanced redux mod. now openiv 2.9 working with new redux version v1.1 .
    i am using reloaded crack game update 1.26 and game version 1.0.350.1
    i installed latest version of redux 1.1 and after successfully installation,
    run the game without any preset, game was crashing on loading screens,
    i use the Dery Mg methods for error correction and 100% worked,
    links of videos of Dery Mg method are…
    try these may it would be helpful for you
    note: with latest redux v1.1 you shoud select mode folder not game folder.
    install asi plug ins (asi loader, openiv, open camera)
    install direct x 9
    install Visual C++ updates packages from 2005-2012 x86 & x64
    install social club
    install latest scripthookv
    and follow full instructions installation of game.

  • medo

    i need help guys
    i have problem with dinput8.dll when i put it in game foldr the game begin but no mission wannna begin and when i deletet it the mssion begin and no mod work then so any one can help me please

  • medo

    i need help guys
    i have problem with this file (NativeTrainer.asi) when i put it in game foldr the game begin but no missions wannna begin and when i delete it the mission begin and no mod work then so any one can help me please