GTA 5 Redux v1.2.1 Hotfix Released

A new update of GTA 5 Redux is out that allows it to work with the latest version of GTA V (1.0.1180.2).

* lowered pedestrian spawns
* updated gameconfig.xml

Since GTA V received a recent update to 1.0.1180.2, GTA 5 Redux would not work until ScriptHookV is updated. However this has now been resolved and GTA 5 Redux now works again.

Fresh Install

To install GTA 5 Redux v1.2.1 download the full installer and follow the installation guide.

How to Update an Existing Install

  1. Redo your mods folder (delete, re-create, re-copy needed files, re-install Redux v1.2)
  2. Update ScriptHookV
  3. Download
  4. Install the hotfix thought OpenIV and select the mods folder as usual.