Redux "Ultra" photo's revealed!

Check out the updated photo's page for a few snaps of the "Ultra" config for Redux!

Absolutely stunning tonemapping and postFX, providing something never before seen from GTA!

-May, 15, 2016

Brand new explosive trailer, photo's & features list!

New stunning trailer, 21 new pics added, as well as the beginning of the features list!

Check back later for the rest of the list!

-May, 12, 2016

Release date?

will it ever come?....  + Photos!

First off, I would like to thank everyone who has been patiently awaiting this projects release, and for your continued support. However, I am starting to receive a sense of doubt from the viewers, and I would like to be very clear about this.


I was very optimistic when attempting to predict a release date, and I mis-calculated the tremendous amount of work that was required for Redux. All I can promise is that the mod WILL be released, when its READY.

The amount of work that is being done is astounding, and it will be well worth the wait! More information and previews will continue to be released in the weeks leading up to launch.

Expect some new amazing video's just around the corner from a well known Youtuber, as well as more steady site updates, with photo's, video's, features, and information!

-April, 23, 2016

Features Showcase: Episode 1


The first Redux Features Showcase video is available now! Check it out and witness brand new, 4k, fire, explosion, smoke, particle effect, and debris textures. Along with newly worked physics and explosive reactions! Redefining the action packed moments in the Gta Series, with an entirely overhauled weapon system, for only the best experience to date. Preview now!


The first video preview of Gta 5 - Redux, is available now! 

Check out the newly added FAQ page from thetoolbar. Hopefully some of your questions will be answered!

Request Overload!!!

In the few weeks that this site has been up, I have received a whopping 987 requests! This is great news! Unfortunately, it means that the projects release will be further delayed.... The majority of these requests are fully capable of becoming part of the mod, and I plan on keeping my word by doing anything that is possible.

Some of the larger, and more time consuming requests consist of the following (just so you all have an idea of how much work I have to do!) : Full re-branding of every billboard and advertisement in Los Santos (200+hrs), full re-branding of every vehicle (not full model replacement (100+hours), real LA graffiti textures (100+hours), total physics overhaul (from cars, to weapons, to ragdoll, to flags and cloth, down to water, and foliage (150+hrs), full dispatch and police wanted level overhaul (100+hrs), vehicle model replacement packs (50+hrs), larger texture overhaul than PoV (covering MOST roads, beaches, grass, rocks, plants, and many ground areas in the country side and city (200+hrs), and much much more.

In order to bring every idea to life, it will take a significant amount of work and time, considering I am working 100% alone on such a vast project. I do not want to release an unfinished, work in progress mod that will require updates every week. I will be taking my time, ironing out all the bugs, and making sure to complete every request before release. In the meantime, make sure to share this page and build the hype!  REDUX IS COMING! 

(I will be very slowly updating the features page, make sure to check there before submitting a request! Your idea may already be part of the list!)

Official Redux Preview incoming!

The first preview of the Gta Redux Project will be available below.  Make sure to subscribe to the Youtube channel to stay up to date with the progress and receive notification of the preview!

Now Accepting Requests!

Head over to the Requests page, and submit your idea now! I am accepting requests prior to the release of the project, and would like to hear from you! Keep the requests within the realm of reality, and I should be able to bring your idea to life!

Photos being updated daily!

Check out the photo gallery for daily updates. New images are coming in as progress is made.

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