GTA 5 Redux Logo

In order to run the Grand Theft Auto 5 Redux, you MUST meet the following requirements.

  1. A copy of Grand Theft Auto 5. *
  2. OpenIV installed
  3. ScriptHookV installed
  4. A minimum 70GB extra disk space available. **
  5. A PC that can comfortably run GTA 5 vanilla at a decent FPS. ***

Since GTA5 Redux improves graphics expect a frame drop of around 5-15 FPS compared with the vanilla version.

* Pirated copies of the game will NOT be supported you can purchase GTA 5 through Steam or the Rockstar Warehouse.

** GTA 5 Redux is kept in a mods folder away from your original game files, allowing access to GTA 5 Online and remove the mod.

*** Since GTA5 Redux improves graphics expect a frame drop of around 5-15 FPS (depending on ReShare option selected) compared with the vanilla version.