Forged in the icy northlands of Ontario, Canada, JR Productions brings forth a new beginning to the Grand Theft Auto universe.

Titled “GTA 5 – Redux”, this project was designed to cater to every player’s most wanted desires from the series.

With only one motto in mind, RE-IMAGINE, RE-DESIGN, REDUX.
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So, what started it all?

Before the seed of development was ever planted, I had deep roots in the gaming culture. Starting way back with early consoles, and slowly evolving to modern 4K PC’s, I have been around to see games grow from a handful of pixels to a fully immersive virtual reality.

As a gamer, my attention has always been drawn to Rockstar’s GTA series, due to their ambition and innovative nature with developing.
When GTA 5 initially released on PS3 and Xbox 360, I was disappointed, to say the least. I found many graphical errors, un-creative design choices, and in general, many downgrades of the same code used in the previous game.

Then there was hope: the “next-gen” re-release on PS4 and Xbox One! I snatched up a PS4 the moment I could, and after waiting 7 years for a new console to be produced, I was again extremely disappointed. Barely full 1080p, still no AA, low fps, and not the boost in visuals vs performance one would expect from 7 years of system development.
Feeling rather upset about the “modern” state of gaming consoles, I knew there was still one last chance to receive the experience I truly desired. The PC version. Yet again struck with disappointment on the quality of this 3rd upgrade, I decided “If you want something done right, you just have to do it yourself”, ergo began the unofficial development of Redux.

-Josh Romito


Rockstar Games – For creating and developing the entire Grand Theft Auto universe.

BAKA & SUSPECT – For creating and developing ALL the weapon sounds for Redux.

The ReShade team – The development of all external shader tools.

Boris Vorontsov – The development of the external ENB tool.

VisualV – “Inspiration” of some weather features.

  • Alex

    Story mode mission do not work with REDUX!?!

    • how to fix it Loading Screen crash ?

    • Nclsvh

      Same for me… Reloaded a few times. Any fix for this yet?

  • Anton

    Can i play GTA Online without uninstall Redux? Can i have banned for it?

    • Alex

      you will get banned, i got a 30 day ban today after installling this mod. So dont use it when u want to play GTA Online.

    • Exactly what Alex said!

      I found a way. Simply, I have two folders of the game; “Grand Theft Auto V” and “Grand Theft Auto V Redux”. When I want to play offline, change the name of the folder where I Redux installed, “Grand Theft Auto V” and to the original folder I would add the word “Official” to recognize them, and vice versa to play online. This method involves consuming a considerable amount of space on your hard disk, but you will save time by copying and pasting the folders whenever you want to play.
      I hope I’ve been helpful. Peace!

    • So … Is Redux GTA V Graphic Mod Work In PS4 ??

  • Trojan

    I keep getting crash on loading screen, I’ve done everything from the readme files and I’m sure the installation is correct too.. I had to copy/paste the 60 gb files about 5 times now..

  • Markus

    Story Missions do not trigger at all for me since i installed Redux 🙁 Known Problem?

  • serge

    none of missions work for me

  • edward fox

    Dose installing effect gta online? will I see a graphics improvement or just in single player? Dose this violate t&c and could it cost me my online account?
    There are also lots of unanswered questions here about story mode crashes that also concern me…

    Shame to do all the obviously hard work and miss out on this sort of info.

    Mod looks great. Sounds pretty unsafe though..
    Please reassure?

  • DavidSin

    I can’t load the game did anyone know how to fix this :err_gfx_d3d_init

  • Ayman

    i can’t open the game , it says err_gfx_d3d_init any help ?

  • huh

    Do you plan to credit the people you stole work from?

  • is it illegal or legal?
    i have orignal game so if i use this i ban or not?

  • Huh is a stupid kid

    Are you just really that stupid or do you just troll ?!
    He did all of this alone without help from anyone so shut the fuck up kid.

  • Ayman

    Corrupt game data. Please reboot or reinstall the game. any help :/

  • Karol

    For me too. I am so sorry. The author does not tell us or am I wrong?

  • game must be played from the beginning , otherwise the mission do not work

  • Cunt. He didn’t steal work from other people. This is a reimagining of a previous mod that other people sent parts of in. Those people stole other people’s work. When Josh found this out, he stopped work on the mod immediately, and began work on this completely original mod.

  • e

    err_gfx_d3d_init not working at all have reinstalled game 3 times now. any suggestions

  • Danger2

    did anyone has try the mod with pirated game version ?

  • George

    Mod is shit, broken. D3D error. Still can tell it’s not real, i.e. some snow looks fake. There are several pixels and barely noticable artifacts that give away that it’s fake. If I’m not accidentally ordering chinese with franklin’s phone then it’s not real enough. Also I didn’t cum my pants so.. not real enough. I can’t buy my favorite weed from the store. Fake. Can’t buy a pet cat, fake. Why even bother?11??

  • george what the fuck

    thats some next level shit stupidity (mod is broken) and judges it already you sure its broken?

  • george what the fuck

    doesnt meet you put it on low quality or something you could say it looks shit

  • BaD_BoYsQc

    Nop you can’t play online with the mod you must be uninstall before !!!! that’s suck i know it

  • Christian

    what do i do with the options in the folder?

  • Christian

    Because all the new 5 star police stuff and supension stuff aint working

  • AMAZING mod!!! looks awwsome, what can i do about story mode & missions not working? (not even new campain..)

  • Kevin

    Yeah, you have to extract one of the ReShade configs into your main folder.

  • Kevin

    Yeah, i tried, fixed the d3d init fail but, can’t get past the loading screen, once the loading screen starts, the game crashed, but i think it’s due to the addition of original DLC’s witch doesn’t work with our cracked GTA5.exe, we either need Josh to remove dlc content from the mod, or either wait for someone who can compile the .exe for us, until then i do not think that this mod will work for pirated version.

  • Sarim Khan

    How to uninstall this mod notworking for me crash while loading 🙁

  • Kevin

    Never mind. The mod supports 1.33 sp version and higher, pirated or not. the mod works.

  • Maq Attaq

    I can’t install the mod directly into the game folder!When I choose the .oiv package to be installed into the game folder,it installs into the “mods” folder,and when I choose to be installed into the “mods” folder,it creates a mods folder into the “mods” folder!

    I want to install the mod directly into the game folder!

    Please help me!

    • You can’t install REDUX into root folder. GTA would overwrite immediately the new files. You have to install into mods folder.

  • KOR_DoLTanK

    Is there a requirement of installing this mod?

  • JJJ

    can this mod be used on xbox360?

    • Ananas


  • gerben van Luenen

    Hey Josh Romito,

    I Realy love the GTARedux mod and it works almost 100% for me.
    My only problem is that i cant instal differend reshade options exept Redux(original) when i have other script mods installed.
    If i try to use differend reshade options it craches while loading and a window wil popup saying gta5 has stopped working.
    I have a legit copy of gta 5 update 1.35, windows 10 desktop, and a MSI GTX 970 graphics card.

    I realy hope you can help me with this.

    Gerben van Luenen

    • Anoongist

      Follow the instructions of changing name of the file digx.dll, all the needed steps are described in the readme file in redux.

  • hey got this “ERR_MEM_MULTIALLOC_FREE” while loading story (my save)
    (gta v clean install + redux + patch day 1)
    can you help me please ?
    here my specs >
    i7 2600k
    GTX 970 nvidia
    win 10 x64 (+ ubuntu 16.04………. hum !)

    • Luis

      Same for me, It failed from last rokstar update 🙁

    • the same..

    • Andrei

      Same here… Please fix this “ERR_MEM_MULTIALLOC_FREE” error…

    • open OpenIV in Edit Mode and replace “mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\gameconfig.xml” with the original in “update\update.rpf\common\data\gameconfig.xml. Then REDUX should work with the newest biker update!

      • Xor1138

        Marcel2015 is correct, it worked for me as well.

      • JD Wright

        How do you do that?

  • Coxcal06

    The mod works perfectly ! Great job dude !
    Just few questions.

    -What does the option folder do ? How to install one of the option ?
    -I can’t do any missions i’m stuck in the story…. I tried to launch a new game but the loading was endless… is there any issue ?
    -In first person view, when i’m driving essentially everything is blur… like the focus doesn’t work or something… is there a thing to do ? Maybe with the option folder ?

    Thanks 🙂

  • BJ

    Single player missions won’t work anymore if you install this mod.

  • Has someone also remarked that the metro doesn’t stop anymore at stations? How to fix this?

  • solo missions work here, clean install

  • Tavoriani

    What do i have to do to play the redux mod on xbox one s?

    • TristanP13

      Redux is PC exclusive. Xbox does not support modding, excluding a few titles where mods are ported by their authors. Xbox would not be able to run this.

  • Tavoriani

    On xbox one?

  • BJ

    I did a clean install then installed redux. Can’t do a single solo mission

  • Anoongist

    Did anyone find a solution for the loading of the missions?

  • TristanP13

    I’m having troubles myself being able to launch the game. It constantly tells me after about 20 seconds on the loading screen that the memory is corrupt ever since biker update.

  • angelpunisher

    to fix screen loading 1-instal past 1.33 and crack + 2731-GTA_V_Patch_1_0_678_1 after that you instal REDUX + pachday1.
    but mission did not warck it’s a nother problemme to resolve

  • angelpunisher

    hi GS to fix mission you need to Replace the “gameconfig.xml” file
    GTA V / mods / update / update.rpf / common / data and do same with GTA V / update / update.rpf / common / data and all warcks

  • Ayman Abdallah


  • angelpunisher

    to fix screen loading 1-instal past 1.33 and crack + Social-Club-v1.1.7.8-Setup.exe after that you instal REDUX + pachday1.
    to fix mission you need to Replace the “gameconfig.xml” file
    GTA V / mods / update / update.rpf / common / data and do same with GTA V / update / update.rpf / common / data and all warcks

  • scopy

    wow lol took all day trying to figure out why my game wouldnt launch and its all cause of a gameconfig file. gg

  • zaid shaik

    Can i download this on xbox one..pls do let me know..

  • Alex Masterov

    This is a great mod! Thank you very much for your efforts!
    But all the spoils cars management (not just my opinion) .. ((
    Can I somehow bring back the original GTA V control?
    Or install a mod specifically without these changes?

    Thank you!

  • Hy this game is Android

    • ast

      sorry this is not android game

  • Kev

    Why is redux mod blocking snow particles from falling? is there anyway to unblock?

  • M.A.D.

    MAD MOD!¡! I want to play golf with your mod, but I can not start mission(. WiLL IT FIX?? 2×1080 Nice fly! 😉 Thank you so much for the impossible quality!!! But fix please!!

  • sambhav

    when will it release in ps4?

    • XxRandomGamingxX

      I guess whenever the specs are good enough for PS4. Maybe modded PS4s. Or just wait for PS5

  • So …. can redux work in PS4 ???

  • 0/10

    So far I have taken countless hours to try, and fail, and downloading REDUX. I can say this mod is not worth having to go through painfully long processes and data to complete. Truthfully this is the worst mod in the entirety of mods, it has countless bugs and flaws and is not worth it.

    • 0/10


  • I have an issue when trying to use any of the presets, only Redux Original works flawlessly for me at 60+ FPS on 4K ( i7 4790K and GTX 1080 ). Whenever i change to any other preset the FPS goes to 28-34 aproximately at all times. Tried every possible option on the ENB Menu ( Shift+Enter ), no success. Any ideas ?

    • vgaggia

      CPU just isn’t good enough i guess.

  • IronMan

    Why is my game crashing after 2,5 minutes of gaming?

  • kari2806

    of the month I have a problem, all the time get an error message (not enough memory) so far everything worked properly. The instructions did not help given, how to fix it ????

  • Chaitanya the gamer

    Can I play redux mode on ps3

    • XxRandomGamingxX

      HAHAHAHA why do you think such a mod would run on a old gen console?

      • ast

        why do you tell

  • Ye Yanting

    In rainy days, the vehicles do not have reflection on the road ,but The Wacth Dog has.I think many people notice that problem,can you add the reflection of the vehicles?Bcause this would make GTA5 more beautiful and real.

  • Fish Player

    Hi it’s great mod. But after a while of using it, I finally decided to make my own ENB mod pack. So It would be cool if you actually help me to uninstall it without destroying my other mods. Thanks in advance.

  • Sangeetly Sharma

    can we install redux in xbox 360

    • Lol_the _creeper

      Nope. This is PC only and you need a PC that can run at a good FPS already. #PCMasterRace.

  • Lol_the _creeper

    Just in case anyone asks again, no, you can’t run it on a console, full stop. You probably won’t ever be able to due to the nature of current console modding and raw performance. The next GTA probably will look just as good on PC as Redux (on relatively medium settings), a bit worse (than lowest settings on PC) on consoles but who cares? There’s gonna be graphics mods on PC anyway.

    To recap, you cannot mod GTA V on consoles. You probably won’t ever be able to mod GTA on consoles. You won’t get graphics mods due to optimisation messing up if you did apply them.