Installation Guide


This is the step by step guide to installing GTA 5 Redux. Ensure you follow ALL the steps in order to prevent issues. It is recommended you have a fresh copy of GTA 5 vanilla installed with no other mods present. Also check the requirements to make sure you can run the mod.

Ensure you follow ALL the steps in order to prevent issues.

Video Guide

This video guide has been created to assistant in the installation.


Install OpenVI

Download  the latest version of OpenIV available at

Once downloaded; run the installer ensuring all listed plug-ins are selected for install.

If you are not prompted to install the plug-ins, click on tools, then ASI Manager


Select them all from the list.


Install ScriptHookV

Download the latest version of ScriptHookV from

Copy and paste the files ScriptHookV.dll, and dinput8.dll from the bin folder, into your GTA 5 main directory.


Install GTA 5 Redux

Before starting the next step, make sure you have 100% clean, un-modded files in your GTA 5 directory.

Files/folders to delete from directory: ReShade (folder), ReShade.fx, dxgi.dll, ReShade64.dll, d3d11.dll, enblocal.ini, enbseries.ini, enblightspright.fx, and enbseries (folder).

Extract the contents of

Create the folder mods inside your GTA 5 main folder.


Copy and paste the folder update, x64, common.rpf, and x64a.rpf to x64w.rpf, from the main GTA 5 directory, into the mods folder.



Once the files have finished copying to the mods folder, use the package Installer tool from within OpenIV. Click on tools, then Package Installer to locate the REDUX_INSTALLER.oiv file from the extracted GTA5 Redux download.



Click Install, then choose the option to install the mod inside the GTA5 game folder.
Choosing to install inside the mods folder will result in a duplicated file system, and ultimately a broken installation.

If you receive a message stating that the installer has failed, attempt to run the installer again. If it fails a second time, please ensure you have properly set up the mods folder. Do not close the installer during installation, please wait for it to finish unless the program stops responding. Please watch the video below if you require a more detailed tutorial



Reshade & ENB Installation

Navigate to the RESHADE OPTIONS folder in the extracted GTA5 Redux download folder.


Choose your desired option from the list of presets, open the folder and copy all everything within it. Then paste into the main GTA 5 folder, overwriting everything if prompted.



Changing Presets

When you want to CHANGE presets, DELETE the entire ReShade folder from the main GTA 5 folder.

Then copy and paste the contents of your new preset into the main GTA 5 folder, overwriting any files.





Additional Notes

Additionally, it is 100% “OK”, to be seeing YELLOW warning messages from ReShade when starting up. However RED indicates a mistake has been made, and the effects are not successfully compiled. Repeat the step that indicates how to change ReShade options if this occurs.