Redux receives a new home!

Welcome to the brand new website! Click the link below and register an account to receive access to all the new community features, stay up to date on all the news, and gain access to some extra content. Make sure to post some comments and let us know what you think of the new design!

Register now!


By registering with you will gain access to the following features: Exclusive photo’s, notifications of all updates(including the mod release), community support, having the ability to comment and chat with other users, and more!

(NOTE- If you had sent in a request for notification of this projects release on the previous site, you must complete a new registration form with this new design!)

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First comment to show the first support ! I really liked to have early access though,never mind

Andrey Mikhailov

Nice looking website, everything is handy, nice job! Looking forward to the same quality mod

tiago almeida

my question is: “wat” is relace date?
sorry my Eng.

Deven Dennison

Site looks great! can’t wait for new releases and things to come! The only problem I’m experiencing, is resource limit reached error. Other than that, keep up the amazing work and dedication!

William Costa

I’m brazillian, then i must have made some clerical error, but i want speak that this is a great site! The mod is amazing! This is the more awesome project about GTA V! We all are thanked by this job.

Edhunter .

ei josh,saudações,parece que vc anda trabalhando duro,acompanho seu trabalho incrível no seu canal do youtube e desde que começou a modificar o jogo,seus videos são incríveis cara.por favor não pare com esse incrivel trabalho,aguardamos ansioosos pelo lançamento,abraço…