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Steam CommunityA new Steam Group has been added to allow you all the discus and help each other with GTA 5 Redux.

This should make it easier to talk about the mod without using page comments


  • bakir

    gta super

  • bakir


  • Redux nights are too dark. How can I make nights for all the other ReShade Options as bright as the option called “Other V3”? “Other V3” has the “brightest” night lighting.

  • Juan Manuel

    La actualización de moteros ha dejado inservible el mod?

    • no… tienes que copiar un gameconfig.xml de la versión 877 (con soporte para add-ons) y vuelve a servir

  • Stretch

    Night it’s too dark, like that it’s real… 😉

  • When the game starts, appears a message saying: GTA V has stopped and I can’t play. Anyone knows what is happening to me? Thanks

    • Rich

      Did you download the new gameconfig.xml file?

  • crash everytime with patch v944. any fix? I did every step correctly.

  • empi02

    After update to game version 1.0.1011.1 game crashed. I’ve installed newest Scripthook( and trainer ) version. I’ve heard that problem is inside update.rpf. Josh could You take a look on this issue ? Or maybe someone else noticed the same problem ?

    • CsK_Modz

      I have not updated because I was afraid of having your same problem.

      Have you tried reinstalling redux on the latest version of the game “clean”?

  • empi02

    I deleted only “Update” folder. I’ll delete all “redux” files and install again.

    • CsK_Modz

      Sorry but, redux is installed in update folder? And rpf a to w not contain redux?

  • empi02

    Nvm. I’ll install clean GTA V and then redux. This should be work.

  • Isaac Schwarz

    Use the steam group discussion for support

    This should make it easier to talk about the mod without using page comments