OpenIV Ceasing Development

As you may be aware that OpenIV has received a cease and deist. GTA5 Redux does require this to work and I am unsure how long GTA5 Redux will continue to function but we will see.

I hope that Take Two comes up with a solution to allow mods to flourish for GTA 5 similar to other games like Skyrim.

There are things you can do to help and I am aware of a petition etc…but im sure you have read the articles by now

Since I am only a care taker of GTA 5 Redux and not a GTA5 mod developer, I am relying on you the community to keep me informed and let me know of anything I can do to assist in keeping GTA5 Redux alive. If there s anyone who wishes to help or has advise please feel free contact me at [email protected]

In the mean time here is a link to OpenIV 2.9


  • James Walker

    It’s a shame what happened.

  • Piotrek En

    Redux working on 1.40?

  • Ray Drake

    My game wouldn’t load until I uninstalled redux after the game updated. Possibly related to this?

    • applegamerho

      I pass the same already with everything updated (openiv, scriphookv, triner and menyoo)

      (es) me pasa lo mismo ya con todo actualizado (openiv, scriphookv, triner y menyoo)

  • кум кумич

    How to spawn new vehicles and weapons from the new DLS patch 1.40? In the Menyoo they are not displayed. Excuse me for my bad english.

  • [ əxperiencə ]

    Hi . On version 1032 v1.39 mod works fine. Today i download new script hook v for version 1103.2 v1.40 and game crash with mod Redux … With this script hook latest version v1.39 works fine . How fix it ? Mayby problem in OpenIV?

  • The One

    I just built my first gaming pc and was looking forward to use Redux

  • Steve Gee

    If latest stories are true Rockstar are in discussions with OpenIV and the C&D may have been lifted or is about to…

  • James Walker

    OpenIV is back!

  • Nicholas Lombardi

    Finally Rockstar resolved this.

  • Spiritual Bladeworks

    Yeah its fucked man … crashes my game every single time ..

  • 엄상용

    Does Redux work on 1.40?

    • Nestor Collazo

      not in the slightest .

  • Nestor Collazo

    could y’all possibly take that obscure little “redux status” message from the steam group, and blast it on the redux website…? so that we don’t have to waste 4 hours of our life just for this shit to crash? just a thought

  • vincent chew


  • Jonathan Famiglietti

    You guys should probably update or remove this article

    • Nestor Collazo

      on the redux Discord, an administrator says that a new functional redux update “should” be out tomorrow.

      • The One

        I’m still waiting lol

        • Nestor Collazo

          They released a torrent link as an “admin announcement” on the Discord page. You can download it there until they have the time to update this website, or so they say.

          • Luca Schinke

            When is an update available, on this page??

          • Nestor Collazo

            They haven’t said when the site will be updated. Those who prefer to download these kinds of things through their browser will have to wait until they do, but keep in mind that the torrent download generally has a higher rate of success than the in-browser download, and is the ‘preferred’ method between the two.

          • Luca Schinke

            Ok, i must wait until the page has been updated?

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